From the Very Beginning

Romans 5:12–15
1 Corinthians 15:22

Living in the promises of God can seem like advanced Christianity, for the turbo-charged disciples who are bold in faith, strong in prayer, and quick to quote a vast array of scriptures. But the reality is that every human being on the earth is living in the reality of God’s promise, whether they are aware of it or not.

As we saw, God made promises to Adam about his sustenance and provision. The word Adam means “mankind” or “humanity.” Just as Adam was a representative of the whole of humanity (and therefore all of humanity participated in the Fall), so all of humanity was involved in the original covenant commands and promises that God gave back then. Whether we like it or not, and have faith or have none, we are in a covenant relationship with the One who designed and created us and who gave us this planet to live on.

We may not be living according to the covenant, and we may not be receiving the benefits and blessings of the new covenant that was made in Jesus, but God is the reason for the air we breathe and the earth beneath our feet. We all enjoy what He has freely given.

Those early principles we were given are creation principles and promises, and not culturally shaped ideas. So, let’s not be tempted to believe that faith is just for the religiously inclined or that everything changes so we can abandon God’s original creation commands (for example, about sexuality and care of the environment). The truths, and the principles that flow from those truths, are eternal.

Pray: Lord, creation commands are designed for all people everywhere, for all of time. Help me live Your way today.

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