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The weight of Jesus’ indictment of the religious leaders (Mark 7:1, 5), the Pharisees and scribes, becomes even more striking when we explore the words He used. He called them “hypocrites” (hypokritēs, v. 6). These religious leaders appeared to be something that they weren’t. They had “let go of the commands of God and [were] holding on to human traditions” (v. 8). The word translated “let go of” (aphiēmi) is widely used in the New Testament and includes the idea of “sending away” or “releasing.” Though they had “let go” of God’s authoritative commands, they were “holding on to” (krateō) their traditions. Another word that brings the error of the religious gatekeepers into focus is “nullify” (akyroō, a legal term for “to invalidate,” v. 13). Adherents to any system where “tradition” trumps God’s “truth” are ripe for rebuke. 

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