No Matter What

I’m told there is a house in the Midwest, where rain droplets that fall on one side of the roof flow through a downspout into a river that eventually runs to the Atlantic Ocean. Droplets that fall on the other side of the roof eventually flow into a river that leads to the Gulf of Mexico. A small gust of wind can change the destination of a single raindrop. Similarly, a single decision a person makes today can change his or her final destination.

In our text today, the woman is not given a name but is only described as one who regularly sins (vv. 37, 39). She was most likely known throughout the community by her bad reputation. But when she heard that Jesus was in town, she had to see Him (v. 37). With great boldness and courage she busted into the house where Jesus was eating. Kneeling behind Him, she was moved emotionally. Her passionate tears began to fall on Jesus’ feet, and she began to wipe them with her hair and pour the expensive perfume. What did she know about Jesus that the Pharisee has failed to see? She recognized that there was something different about Jesus. Unlike other men that most likely had taken advantage of her, Jesus was the only one offering genuine peace and true rest (Matt. 11:28–30).

The Pharisees were blind to the forgiveness Jesus offered. Jesus told them a parable emphasizing God’s forgiveness and the implications for a forgiven sinner (vv. 41-47). Her decision to see Jesus that night and put her emotions on the line, changed her life forever. It is a tragedy that those who think they are the most religious are often the ones likely to miss the significance of forgiven sin.

Jesus extends grace to everyone, including you. No matter what sins you have committed in life, He will never stop forgiving you. Your decision to trust in Him today will change your eternal destination.

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