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It’s believed that crucifixion originated in the sixth century bc and was in use as a punishment and crime deterrent until Constantine of Rome outlawed it in the fourth century ad. In Paul’s day, crucifixion was considered the very worst means of Roman execution, so repugnant that it wasn’t mentioned in polite company. Therefore, the idea that the Messiah died on a cross was offensive or ridiculous to most.

However, Paul divided the world into two groups: those who consider the cross “foolishness” and those who view it as the “power of God” (1 Corinthians 1:18). What is “the message of the cross”? Jesus, an innocent man, willingly suffered crucifixion for crimes He didn’t commit to pay the price for our sins—and then rose again. All who turn to Him in sorrow for their wrongdoings will live eternally with Him. That’s the “power of God”!

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