Our Super Power

Superheroes in TV shows, movies, and books usually have superpowers that make them “superhuman.” There’s super speed, invisibility, super strength, flight… And while we non-superpower humans don’t necessarily have magical abilities, we do have a super gift that is easily neglected but important in our calling to serve. This is the gift of joy.

Isaiah 66 calls for rejoicing, celebration, and joy for the people who have just experienced great loss and hardship. So, it may seem hard to believe the scripture asks them to celebrate. But the verses do not ask the people to embody joy and celebration at the cost of ignoring or forgetting their hurting. The verses hold both things to be true: there can be joy and mourning, comfort and sorrow.

The work God sends us out to do can be challenging, especially amidst a hurting, mourning, grieving world, and it may even feel irresponsible to have joy amidst the hurting. But God’s gift of joy can be a part of what we turn to for strength on our journey.

Valerie Lott

Published by Intentional Faith

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