Strawberry Fields

Recently, I went to a strawberry farm and was given a bucket and a long row of plants to harvest. When the farmer only assigned me one side of one row, I thought she underestimated my ability. But once I got into the row, I realized the berries were hidden under the leaves, protected from the sun.

Now, admittedly, I did not pick many berries because I quickly realized I’m allergic to strawberry plants, but I was able to hold the bucket and scout out the hidden berries for a partner who could pick.

I imagine Jesus thought of the strength we have when we work together when he sent the 72 out in pairs. While I was unable to pick the berries, my gifts were still important and they complemented the tasks of my partner, allowing us to work together more efficiently. I also imagine that’s how Jesus envisions our work in the world: realizing our gifts and even our weaknesses and using them to work together to strengthen God’s kingdom on earth.

Valerie Lott

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