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Every Moody Bible Institute student is required to take a class called Apologetics. In this class, students learn reasoned arguments for Christianity and how to defend the gospel against false religions. One of the strongest arguments for the validity of the gospel and Jesus’ resurrection is the evidence of changed lives. Today’s text documents the testimony of a transformed life.

A Pharisee named Saul was a persecutor of Christians. By his own admission he opposed Jesus, put believers in prison, and sentenced some to death (vv. 9–10). In his obsession to stop them, he forced them to blaspheme and oppressed them (v. 11). But everything changed when he met Jesus on the road to Damascus (vv. 12–18).

After his encounter with the Lord, he was transformed from Saul the persecutor to Paul the preacher. When Paul would share his testimony, he often began by clearly describing his resistance to Jesus and followers of Christ. He then moved to a very specific encounter with Jesus. As seen in our text today, he would explain in detail where he was and what he was thinking. Finally, he described what his life had been like ever since. Clearly, his priorities had changed, and his life was transformed.

Paul’s testimony gives us a model of the way to share with others how knowing Jesus changed our lives and gave us another chance. It is important to articulate what our “Saul” days were like, the time before following Christ. What preoccupied our lives and what sin entangled us? Then, like Paul, we should detail a special time, event, or conversation we had that began to change everything. Finally, describe how your life has changed since you met Jesus and how your priorities are different.

Now that you have a simple outline of how to share your con- version story, pray for an opportunity to share it with someone. Then, when the timing is right, be bold and tell that person how God transformed your life.

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