Peace Upon This House

When you encounter new people, whether at the grocery, pool, laundromat, work, or school, what is the first thing you think?

The very first thing the 72 are instructed to do upon entering a house with strangers is to proclaim, “May peace be on this house.”

Encountering new people who are different from us can often lead us directly into judgment. Our minds may jump to make assumptions about what a person believes, how much money they have, who they want to vote for, or what they are thinking about us. But what if we adopt the instruction Jesus gave the 72? What if we accept the invitation to proclaim “peace” first?

Even if we don’t exclaim loudly to the world, “PEACE,” when encountering someone new, if we allow ourselves to lead with God’s peace rather than judgment, this may positively impact the way we encounter the world. Being mindful of one small word of peace may allow us to make a big difference in the way we treat those around us.

Valerie Lott

Published by Intentional Faith

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