Planting Seeds

My grandma got down on her knees and showed me how to cover up the little seedlings. She said, “It’s like folding a baby in a blanket, we must be gentle and loving.” I proudly chose purple hull peas, and each day I would go out into the garden to water, pick the weeds, and wait for a sprout. The vegetable I chose was a little finicky because if it was not well cared for it would get choked out by the weeds and be a bad harvest.

The way we care for our words and actions can cause a good or bad harvest, too. Often, we advocate for only ourselves rather than for the good of the whole. We can be so focused on ourselves that we allow the weeds to choke out the rest of the good that is available for all people. If we choose to plant for just one — for just ourselves — we will never have the harvest to share, feed, and nourish the multitude in the goodness of the Spirit.

Timothy Peoples

Published by Intentional Faith

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