Nothing You Desire Can Compare

In Matthew 13, Jesus told parables that illustrated the immense value of the kingdom of God. He compares the kingdom of God to a “treasure hidden in a field” and a pearl “of great value” (vv. 44–46). In both instances, the people who found these treasures were willing to sell everything they had to claim them.

She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. Proverbs 3:15

In a similar way, Solomon says wisdom is of immense value: “Blessed are those who find wisdom” (v. 13). Wisdom’s worth, writes Solomon, goes beyond that of silver, gold, and rubies. Wisdom’s rate of return is higher than the greatest investment you could imagine; wisdom offers “long life” and “riches and honor” (v. 16). Wisdom “is a tree of life” with “pleasant ways” and “paths of peace” (vv. 17–18). What’s more, we know from earlier in Proverbs that God gives wisdom, like salvation, freely to those who seek it.

The question before us today is: Why are we not seeking wisdom? If wisdom really is so valuable, why do we spend our time on less worthy pursuits? I think there are some general reasons. First, we don’t really believe that wisdom is as valuable as Proverbs says it is. In the same way, we may not believe that God’s kingdom is as valuable as Jesus says it is. Second, Scripture tells us that our hearts are wicked, that since the Fall we have worshiped idols and persisted in sin. Our hearts deceive us, and so we fail to seek wisdom. Third, maybe we haven’t fully accepted the challenge given to us. Solomon challenged us to seek wisdom. Jesus commanded His disciples, and us, to proclaim His kingdom throughout the earth. That task remains unfinished, and it is our duty to point people to the only true source of wisdom, God Himself.

Wisdom is more valuable than anything else! Consider what might be preventing you from seeking wisdom, whose fulfillment is Christ. How can you put those things behind you to focus on the true treasure?

R. Meek

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