What Teens Need

Listen up. Most young people don’t really want anyone telling them what to do. I don’t. You don’t. Nobody does.

But there’s the thing. The younger you are, the more you need wisdom. Take it from an old knucklehead like me. When I was a teenager, I thought I had all the answers to life. I thought my parents were out of touch. I though my teachers were just trying to control my life. I thought the spiritual counselors around me were just a little over-the-top.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that all of this advice I was getting wasn’t intended to be a nuisance, but a gift from God. How is constant lecturing a gift from God?

When you’re young, you have the most potential, but you have the least experience. Those who are older have less potential, but more experience. Experience combined with a relationship with God gives people wisdom. And wisdom is gold. It is the fuel for a life of success.

Wisdom is more than knowledge. It’s the ability to make tough decisions. You are entering a time in your life filled with many choices. You need all the wisdom you can get to make good choices and avoid bad ones.

That’s where those parents and youth pastors and teachers step in. Sure, maybe their advice isn’t always given in the nicest, best format. Maybe they act as if they know everything and have never made a mistake. But the truth is that they have and they want you to avoid the pitfalls they’ve encountered.

Most of all, they are gifts to you from your Heavenly Father. So don’t resist their wisdom. Don’t run away from their counsel.

Do the smart thing and listen up.


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