Throw a Party

When was the last time you really celebrated something or someone? Maybe it was a friend’s birthday or a family member’s wedding. Or maybe it was just an excuse to throw a fun party! Typically, celebrations are festivities recognizing momentous life events: birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and so much more. We gather together with the people we love to honor one another. We usually reserve celebrations for the “good” things in life, the joyful and exciting moments that lead to a new chapter, a next step, a hopeful journey.

But what if we expanded our celebrations and threw even bigger parties for acts of forgiveness? What if we showed more joy and love to those whom we marginalize or even those who hurt us? Celebrating mercy is a radical act, but this act of compassion is the call of Christ for our lives and our hearts to be transformed.

Anna Beth Cross

Published by Intentional Faith

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