Evening Prayers

Our God Father in heaven, may I first confess that with our elections and the political strife here in America I often forget to pray for those throughout the world that are facing so much more uncertainty: in ways that we, in the United States, only begin to comprehend. Many of Your people throughout the world face relentless persecution for their faith in You. Oh, Holy Spirit, bring them Your comfort. We pray together on behalf of those who, on becoming a follower of Jesus, forfeit any opportunity for meaningful work, for the many whose family and friends disown and shun them because they are Christ’s followers. We pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ that have lost their homes for their faith. We pray for those who, by naming Jesus as Lord, face imprisonment, inhumane physical torture and even death. Yet, these held fast their faith and continue to follow You. Your Word speaks of these faithful followers as those of whom the world was not worthy. They endure all of this, Lord Jesus, Lamb of God, because You are worthy. Walk with them, Lord Jesus Christ. And Sovereign God we unite our hearts in prayer for persecuted Christians throughout the world. We pray as Jesus prayed not that You take them out of the world, but that You protect them from the evil one. So, Lord shelter them; protect them we pray, our Father in heaven. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we unite to pray in the name of the One Scripture calls the suffering servant, our Lord and King Jesus Christ. Amen.

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