Prayers for a Fallen World

Psalm 130:1–2

‘Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD; O Lord, hear my voice. Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.’

Merciful God,
We pray for those who are in the depths
And especially for those who are in the depths of their own sin.

We pray that you will enable them to cry out to you for mercy and forgiveness.
How true it is that,
if you record our sins,
if you mark them and call us to account for them,
who shall stand?
But with you there is forgiveness that you may be feared.

We pray that those who are conscious of their guilt today may come to experience that great reality that with you there is forgiveness, and that through the blood of Jesus Christ shed for us on Calvary, that forgiveness may be theirs.

We pray, Father, for others who are in need today;

We remember those who are sick and pray for their healing.
We pray for those who are out of work that it would please you, Lord, to provide work for them, and in the meantime to supply every need that they have, and to keep them in your peace.

We pray for the protection of our military in places of conflict.

We ask you will watch over them,
safeguard them,
and keep in your peace the many anxious hearts here in this country as they are concerned very naturally for the protection of their loved ones.

We pray for the persecuted,

For the hungry,
And for those who are in the darkness of false religion;

We pray, Lord,

for your protection,
for your gracious supply,
and for your deliverance.

We pray for those, O God, whom sin has mercilessly in its grip, those who are slaves of addiction of one kind or another.

We pray that you will come,
and, in your great mercy, break the chains that bind them,
and grant to them that liberty that Jesus Christ has come into the world to bring.

We pray for the wrongfully imprisoned,

That justice would be done,
That they would be released.

We pray for the rightfully imprisoned,

And ask, Lord, that you would bless all of the agencies that are at work to bring the light of the gospel to such.

We pray that the ministry of the Word may bring light and life

To those who are in that very difficult situation.
Bring them face to face with their spiritual need,
and use the ministries of Bible-believing Christians to bring them to true faith in Jesus Christ.

Father, we could pray on and on,

for the needs of this fallen world are so many and so great,
and yet you are the Almighty One.
You are Lord of heaven and earth,
and you are merciful and compassionate.

We pray that you will hear our prayers for those whom we have mentioned, and that you will hear the prayers of our heart for many others that cannot be mentioned.

We pray that this day would be a day of special blessing all around the world, and that you would show yourself in the midst of all of the ruinous effects of the Fall as a God who has come in mercy and in love to change things for the better.

Hear us, we pray, for Jesus’ name’s sake.

David Campbell and Sara Leone

Published by Intentional Faith

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