Darkness Makes the Light Shine

Nations are known by their rulers. It is the ruler who determines the might of the people and thus the prowess of its armies. Yet, there is a day of hope on the horizon when all nations will have but one Ruler and Judge. Battles will cease and armies will dissolve under God’s dominion and reign – weapons are made into instruments that produce life and harvest, a covenant of peace will be upon the heart and in our hands. The prophet provides a vision to God’s people of what it looks like to walk in the Light of the Lord.

Sadly, we can become accustomed to a world that has embraced darkness so much that we forget what happens when we choose to walk in the Light. This Light is given as a gift to be shared with those who are encompassed in and by the gloom of this world. It is to provide a path that leads to hope and life where God alone rules our hearts and guides our way.

Miriam Phillips-Stephens

Published by Intentional Faith

Devoted to a Faith that Thinks

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