A Friend of Mine

Branch Rickey, a member of Baseball’s Hall of Fame and long-time manager of several major league teams, was a Christian. Once while head of the old Brooklyn Dodgers, he attended negotiations involving a ballplayer’s contract. But in the middle of the meeting, to everyone’s surprise, Rickey threw down his pencil, pushed back his chair, and growled, “The deal’s off.”
“Why?” asked the astonished men. “We’re coming along well with these negotiations.”
“Because,” said Rickey, “you’ve been talking about a friend of mine, and I don’t like it.”
“But what friend do you mean? We haven’t been talking about anyone, let alone a friend of yours.”
“Oh, yes, you have,” replied Rickey. “You’ve mentioned him in almost every sentence.” And he referred them to their constant profane use of the name of Jesus Christ.
The men quickly apologized, and the negotiations continued, minus the profanity.

Robert J. Morgan

Published by Intentional Faith

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