On My Account

I remember sitting in church as a child, listening as our pastor waxed vividly from this text. He described the slave Onesimus, how he transgressed, how he confessed, and how he was reconciled to his master through Paul’s entreaty.

Is not this a picture of the gospel? I think I see Him as He brings the needy sinner into God’s presence, saying, “Father, he has wronged Thee; he owes Thee much, but all has been charged to My account. Let him go free.”

Only years later did I discover that my pastor had preached one of Harry Ironside’s most memorable sermons virtually word for word: Charge that to My Account.
Well, nothing is original. Ironside himself may have gotten the idea from the Methodist circuit rider, Daniel Curry. One night on the Nebraska prairie, Curry made himself a little campfire and fell asleep, using his saddle for a pillow. That night he dreamed of dying and going to heaven, where he was met by an angel who asked his reason for being there.

“My name is Daniel Curry,” answered the preacher, “and I have come to claim the mansion Jesus promised me long ago.” But the angel wouldn’t let him in, and they got into a quarrel. Finally Curry was taken to argue his case before Almighty God Himself. But arriving at the throne, he was dumbstruck. It was ablaze with blinding light equal to a thousand suns, and Curry fell prostrate before the Lord, his eyes tightly shut. A stern voice cried, “Who art thou? What seekest thou?” Curry tried to rise, but he was too terrified to utter a sound.

Suddenly he heard sandaled feet drawing near. A hand touched him and pulled him to his feet. Daniel recognized the scars on the man’s palms, and he heard Him speak these words: “Father, this is Daniel Curry. He confessed Me before men, and I am now confessing him before Thee. Whatever sins he has committed, whatever transgressions may blot his record, whatever iniquities may stain his past—charge them all to Me. Put them on My account.”

Robert J. Morgan

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