We See Not Yet

There is so much that we see not yet. Sorrow removed? Not yet. Sickness vanquished? Not yet. Satan bound? Not yet. Death destroyed? Not yet. But amid all that we see not yet we see Jesus. And the things we see not yet must never keep us from beholding him.

We are so given to counting up the Not Yets. The Psalmist enumerates his adversaries—sin, sickness, backbiters, false friends—but from desperation he turns to deity: “But Thou, O Lord …” (Ps. 41:10). “I may sin but thou.…” “I may be sick but thou.…” “Friends may fail but thou.…” Jeremiah adds up his miseries in the fifth Lamentation but he ends gloriously with “Thou, O Lord, remain.” Micah paints as dreary a picture as the Word records until he arrives at the conquering conclusion: “Therefore I will look unto the Lord” (7:7). And of course there is always Habakkuk with his “although” and “yet” (3:17, 18).

Like a rock in a weary land stands God’s great positive in a world of negatives. It would be a hopeless wilderness of Not Yets were it not for one eternal phrase that makes an eternity of difference: “But we see Jesus.”

Vance Havner

Published by Intentional Faith

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