Stories That Talk

Years ago, I popped into a hotel elevator and found myself standing beside the famous Christian writer and Nazi death-camp survivor, Corrie Ten Boom. I recognized her at once, having read her books and seen her on television. When I introduced myself, instead of giving me a usual greeting she squinted at me as only an old woman can squint and asked with Dutch accent: “Young man, have you ever seen an angel?”

“No,” I replied, startled, “Not that I know of.”

“Well, I have,” she declared. And in the time our elevator took to reach the bottom floor, she told me of a time when she was smuggling Bibles into Communist Eastern Europe. The border guard was checking everyone’s luggage, and she knew her load of Bibles would surely be discovered. In alarm she prayed, “Lord, you have said that you would watch over your Word. Now, please watch over your Word that I am smuggling.”
Suddenly as she looked at her suitcase, it seemed to glow with light. No one else saw it; but to her it was unmistakable. There was a aura of light wrapped around that suitcase.

Her turn came at customs, and the guard, who had so vigilantly opened and inspected every piece of everyone’s luggage, glanced at her bags, shrugged, and waved her through.

It was an angel, she told me, who had helped her deliver God’s Word behind the Iron Curtain.

told by Robert J. Morgan

Published by Intentional Faith

Devoted to a Faith that Thinks

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