The Spirit Discipline: The Holy Spirit

JOHN 14:25–31

Living in a materialistic culture creates problems for our knowledge of the Holy Spirit. Imagine what it might be like to grow up in a culture that centuries ago abolished all music and colors. How strange it would seem to see red when all you had ever known were shades of gray. How might your ears respond to a melody, much less a symphony, if all you ever heard were monotones?

We are in a similar situation. Our whole education system has been designed to make us worldly wise. Through our use of the scientific method, we are becoming masters of the material universe. Although we learn to live in the here and now, we have all but lost our ability to perceive the spiritual depths of reality. This means we hardly hear or perceive the voice of the Spirit or see the riches of life that he displays.

As late twentieth-century Christians, we need to learn about the Holy Spirit. For some of us, the only time we ever come close to thinking about the Holy Spirit is when we say the Apostle’s Creed. As we repeat its familiar lines, occasionally we may wonder, “What in the world is the Holy Ghost, anyway?” Others of us have been exposed in varying degrees to the Spirit’s ministry and have definite opinions about what he does and does not do. Whatever our experience, there is more that we need to learn.
As Jesus is getting ready to go, he wants us to know about the Holy Spirit. Along with prayer, he is to be the living link to Jesus in heaven.

Your Discipline for Today

The Holy Spirit is our link with heaven. Get quiet and ask the Spirit to help you grow in your sense of communion with the Lord Jesus Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to deal with distractions and increase your earth-to-heaven connection.

written by Stephen D. Eyre and Jacalyn Eyre

Published by Intentional Faith

Devoted to a Faith that Thinks

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