Stories that Talk: I Ruined My Bible

Some people seem to have Samsonian energy for the kingdom. R. A. Torrey, for example. After passing through a period of skepticism, he yielded to Christ and studied in Germany. He was tapped in 1889 by D. L. Moody to oversee the fledgling Moody Bible Institute, and he also served as pastor of Moody Memorial Church. Between 1902 and 1906, he traveled around the world conducting evangelistic crusades with Charles M. Alexander, and from 1912 until 1924 he served as dean of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles (Biola). All of this while speaking widely at Bible conferences and writing forty books.

His energy came from pouring himself into the Scripture.

Once a man approached him, a Dr. Congdon, complaining that he could get nothing out of his Bible study. The Scripture seemed to be dry as dust. “Please tell me how to study it so that it will mean something to me.”
“Read it,” replied Dr. Torrey.
“I do read it.”
“Read it some more.”
“Take some book and read it twelve times a day for a month.”
“What book could I read that many times a day, working as many hours as I do?”
“Try Second Peter,” replied Torrey.

My wife and I read Second Peter three or four times in the morning, two or three times at noon, and two or three times at dinner. Soon I was talking Second Peter to everyone I met. It seemed as though the stars in the heavens were singing the story of Second Peter. I read Second Peter on my knees, marking passages. Teardrops mingled with the crayon colors, and I said to my wife, “See how I have ruined this part of my Bible.”
“Yes,” she said, “but as the pages have been getting black, your life has been getting white.”

written by Robert J. Morgan

Published by Intentional Faith

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