The Spirit Discipline: Loving Each Other

JOHN 15:9–17

I was impressed with the power of love at the funeral of a godly Christian leader. Joe Bayly lived his life for God, and now he was gone. Joe was a fruitful man who remained in Jesus. The Lord that Joe worshiped was the focus of this memorial service—full of praise and worship.
At the memorial service his wife was surrounded by their children and grandchildren—a witness to God’s faithfulness in their family. His books and articles touched many people in the Christian community. He was a well-known lecturer, a sought-after speaker and the head of a major Christian publishing house. His ability to help Christians think through difficult issues was impressive.
But people didn’t talk about his achievements or his titles or his fame. One bold truth stood out—Joe Bayly loved people! When people spoke of how they had been touched by him, they simply told of the acts and words of kindness and generosity that had flowed from his life to theirs. As a result of his love, they felt God’s love. They had been healed, redeemed and given hope.
I left that service feeling a great surge of renewed meaning for my own life. Somehow I felt motivated, as never before, not to write books like Joe or even to become a sought-after lecturer, but to love as he loved—as Jesus loved and commanded us to love. When people had been with Joe, they felt like they had been with Jesus.


Who has loved you with the love of the Lord? Jot down names that come to mind. Write comments of gratitude beside each name.

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