Prayers that Speak: Worship

‘Jesus, with thy church abide, Be her Savior, Lord, and Guide, While on earth her faith is tried: We beseech thee, hear us.’

We pray for churches known to us, and many that are unknown, that are looking to you for the provision of pastoral leadership;
We pray, Lord Jesus, that you, who give pastors and teachers, would give those gifts to the churches where they are needed,
that the work of the Kingdom would continue, and that your people would be built up and equipped for the works of service, and protected through the faithful teaching, preaching and leadership of godly pastors from all the unsound doctrine that they are ever exposed to.

We pray for your blessing upon your churches and ask, Lord, that they may flourish.

Grant, God, we pray, that this day would be profitable to us, and profitable for all the people of God all over the world.
You have given us this day,
You have given us your Word,
And you have given us the Spirit.

We pray that in and through all of these things, you may meet with us.
Build us up in our faith and build and extend the church

For your everlasting praise and glory,

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