The Moon Shall Not Give Its Light

When you seek to share your faith in Christ, remember that God has gone before you, preparing the heart of your listener, just a a diligent farmer plows and prepares the ground in which he intends to sow his seed.
When Bible translator Jim Walton first entered the primeval jungles of La Sabana in Columbia, South America, he thought no one there had previously heard the Gospel.
Then he met Andres.
Andres was the oldest son of Chief Fernando of the Muinane tribe, and by occupation a tapper of latex from rubber trees. He lived three days from La Sabana, and he tended about two hundred rubber trees over a one-hundred-acre section of jungle. Andres had been asking himself questions about life—where we came from, what happens after death—but had found no satisfying answers.
One night in boredom, Andres had begun fiddling with a transistor radio given him by a rubber baron. Suddenly he picked up a sharp, clear signal from Trans World Radio in Bonaire. A man was reading these words: “The sun (shall) be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven.…”
By strange coincidence, that very evening the moon did not give its light. Though Andres didn’t understand it at the time, a total lunar eclipse had covered the entire jungle with blackness. The young Colombian was deeply stirred.
Andres soon returned home, and the next day Jim Walton arrived unexpectedly and, opening his New Testament in front of Chief Fernando’s guest house, began to read. Andres was spellbound.When I saw you reading that book, I knew it was the book from the radio, the book that had the truth. And when you said it was God’s Word, and you wanted to put it in my language, I determined to help you.
He did help. For the next eighteen years, Andres served Jim as co-translator, helping him complete the first draft of the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament in the language of the Muinane people.

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