Prayer to the Promise God

Genesis 12:3 ‘… all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.’

Our great and gracious God,
We thank you for the fulfillment of the promise made so long ago to Abraham
And we thank you for his offspring through whom all nations on earth have been, and will continue to be, blessed.

We see in that promise the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we thank you for One through whom you are blessing the world

—the One who when he was upon the cross of Calvary—
purchased men for God from every nation, tribe, people, and tongue.

We thank you for the Great Commission to go and make disciples of all the nations
And we thank you that we ourselves have come to believe
—so many of us—
in this promised Saviour.

We thank you for his power at work in our hearts and for the creation of a godly fear.

We would manifest that fear as Abraham did, in a life of obedience.
Help us, we pray, to walk in your ways
And to manifest thereby the change that you have wrought in us by your mighty grace.

Lord, we live in a world where one of its dark features is that there is no fear of God before the eyes of humanity in general.

We live in a society where we see the evidences of that on every hand.
We pray that your blessing would be upon the proclamation of the gospel,
the proclamation of Jesus Christ,
that, to those who have no fear of God, the gospel would come,
and would come with conviction,
and with regenerating power
to make those men and women, boys and girls, to truly fear and love you.

Hear us for Jesus’ sake.

David Campbell and Sara Leone

Published by Intentional Faith

Devoted to a Faith that Thinks

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