Prayer for the King of King

Galatians 3:14

‘He redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith we might receive the promise of the Spirit.’

Our Father in heaven,
We give you thanks for the promise of the Spirit and
We thank you for the fulfillment of that promise in the experience of every believer.

We cannot see the Spirit.
He is invisible God and yet your Word assures us that at the moment we believed in Christ, he came and took up residence in our hearts.
We thank you that there he remains—an ever living presence—
to sanctify us,
to give us grace to press on in the Christian life,
and to equip and empower us for Christian service.

We thank you for all that we have known of his blessed ministry, and we thank you for all that we shall know as he continues to work in us until the work is complete.

We thank you that his presence in the world is not merely to live in the hearts of the Lord’s people; It is to come and to bring the Word of the gospel to bear upon the hearts and lives of those who are not yet believers.

We thank you for his ministry in regeneration—for the way in which he breathes new life into those who are dead in their transgressions and sins.
We pray that all over the world today, and here in this building, the Spirit would be at work,
bringing conviction of sin,
opening the eyes of unbelievers,
persuading them and enabling them to embrace Jesus Christ freely offered to them in the gospel.

We pray that the Spirit would take of the things of Christ and make them known to us this day.
We pray that we may enjoy his illuminating ministry
and that what we see, through the Scriptures, the things he shows to us—

We pray that they may move us deeply,
and may warm our hearts towards you,
our gracious God in heaven.
May they prompt us to obedience;
May they stir our hearts to greater thankfulness, love, and praise, and a deeper dedication of ourselves to you and to your service.

May your blessing be upon this hour of worship.
May your blessing be upon this whole day.
We pray that it would be a most blessed day for everyone here,

for the church throughout the world,
and for multitudes who, even at this moment, are still in the darkness and bondage of sin.

Come, O God, we pray, the God who has so manifested

his power and presence,
his glory and grace,
on this most special of days.

All over the world, make it a day ever to be remembered through all eternity as the day when multitudes met with Christ and came into a living, loving, lasting union with him.

We ask these things in his name and for his glory.

David Campbell and Sara Leone

Published by Intentional Faith

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