Jesus Is Praying for You Now

JOHN 17:20–26

Carl Sagan began his book and TV series with the phrase “The Cosmos is all there was, is, or ever will be.” It sounds profound. Just think of the vast reaches of time and space, the expanse of stars and galaxies. But to think of the universe that way for very long can lead to a sense of loneliness. In Sagan’s view, the universe is ultimately impersonal. There is energy and matter—nothing more. Everything is reduced to E=MC 2. Where then do humans fit into the whole cosmic complex? What about human hopes, fears and loves? Is there anybody home out there?
What we know as Christians is that at the source of the universe is love. The Father and the Son have existed from eternity and from eternity love one another. When the last piece of matter grows cold billions of years in the distant future, the universe won’t be lifeless and dead. The Father and the Son will still be loving each other. Instead of black emptiness, there is the love of God.
It is good news that the eternal love of the Father and the Son is the source of love for us as well. In the end God does not so much give us his love as invite us in to share in the community of love that has always existed in himself. As a child is born from the love of his parents and then nurtured throughout life by that love, so we too are born from and nurtured by love for all eternity. It was Jesus’ last earthly prayer that we would know and share this love of God.


Jesus loves the Father. The Father loves Jesus. Jesus loves you. The Father loves you. Consider you emotional and intellectual knowledge. How aware are you of the love of God in its many dimensions? Open up your heart to his love. Allow him to embrace you. Sit for a while in his loving presence.

Stephen D. Eyre and Jacalyn Eyre

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