A Prayer for How You Hope

God sovereign and generous,
who commands the rise and fall of the nations,
who calls and has chosen many peoples,
who weeps when they harm each other,
who haunts every local culture—including ours—
with your will for well-being,
who draws close to the powerless and
surprises with power via weakness …
You are the one whom we praise in astonishment,
we adore in gladness,
we thank in gratitude …
for who you are,
for what you do,
for how you hope.
Look with mercy on us this day,
on all the churches we serve and love,
on all the people we name,
on all the communities so fragile in which
we are embedded.
Look with your mercy, and we will obey you all the day long.
In the name of Jesus who obeyed fully. Amen.

Walter Brueggemann

Published by Intentional Faith

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