The Tragedy of Beautiful Music

He wrote some of the most beautiful music in the history of humanity. Yet his life could not be called beautiful; it was full of tragedy.

By the age of ten, both parents had died. He was raised begrudgingly by an older brother who resented another mouth to feed.

Even as an adult, his life was difficult. His first wife died after 13 years of marriage. Of 20 children from two marriages, ten died in infancy, one died in his twenties, and one was mentally regressed.

Eventually he went blind and then was paralyzed from a stroke. Yet he wrote great music—music of profound praise, thunderous thanksgiving, and awe-filling adoration. Who is this victim of so much tragedy?

Johann Sebastian Bach—perhaps the world’s greatest composer of church music. Perhaps it was because Bach knew the depths of tragedy that he also knew the heights of faith and praise.

So when we seem to be in the depths of despair, look up, for the Lord is going to bless us and others.

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