Some Good Advice

While she was enjoying a transatlantic ocean trip, Billie Burke, the famous actress, noticed that a gentleman at the next table was suffering from a bad cold.

She asked him sympathetically, “Are you uncomfortable?” The man nodded.

She said, “I’ll tell you just what to do for it. Go back to your stateroom and drink lots of orange juice. Take two aspirins. Cover yourself with all the blankets you can find. Sweat the cold out. I know just what I’m talking about. I’m Billie Burke from Hollywood.”

The man smiled warmly and introduced himself in return. He said, “Thanks. I’m Dr. Mayo of the Mayo Clinic.”


Free advice is like being kissed on the forehead. It doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t do too much for you either.


He who builds according to every man’s advice will have a crooked house. Danish proverb

James S. Hewett

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