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Militant transgenderism kills – literally. People have died because of this insanity, and many more have been injured for life. And it brings about death in so many other ways. The very notion of womanhood is dying.

Childhood is dying. Biology is dying. Truth is dying. Freedom of speech is dying. Freedom of conscience is dying. On and on goes the list.

As I have often said, this website could simply go 24/7 in documenting the latest cases of trans madness. Here are just a handful of recent examples, offering a brief global wrap-up of events, beginning with an actual death. You likely never heard about this, so we need to make people aware of just what is going on.


A recent article looked at some earlier Dutch research and what we is quite shocking:

A 2016 medical article documenting the tragic death of one of the participants in the linchpin Dutch study upon which the entire child sex change experiment is based indicates that puberty suppression was to blame for the young person’s death.
The case is that of an 18-year-old trans-identified male whose puberty was blocked by the Dutch researchers at a very early stage, meaning there wasn’t enough penile tissue for surgeons to use to create a “neo-vagina.” Therefore, a more risky procedure using a section of the patient’s bowel was necessary, which resulted in fatal necrotizing fasciitis….
The patient is described as being a “healthy” 18-year-old for whom standard vaginoplasty surgery was “not feasible” due to having undeveloped genitals as a result of early puberty suppression.

Victoria, Australia

Before returning to Europe and other overseas nations, let me focus on Australia for a moment. Those who know anything about the hyper-leftist Premier Dan Andrews know full well that he is on a full-tilt search and destroy mission. So many areas characterised by Christianity, conservatism and common sense are being targeted by this government. Consider this from today’s press:

Expanded anti-vilification laws that would protect disabled and LGBTIQ+ Victorians from hate crimes could be legislated within 18 months. Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes on Tuesday confirmed the government was in discussion with stakeholders about drafting legislation to make civil and criminal vilification easier to prove to help people seek justice through the courts.
In 2021, the government committed to extending anti-vilification protections beyond race and religion to also cover areas such as a person’s gender identity, sexual orientation, disability and HIV/AIDS status. A parliamentary committee called on the government to toughen these laws and recommended lowering the legal threshold for incitement-based vilification.

It is already becoming quite difficult to speak truth about the militant trans agenda. If even more repressive laws like this go through, free speech will be further strangled and it is quite likely that websites like this will be permanently shut down – which is exactly what the radical secular left wants. They do not want open debate and discussion, they want a full purge of anyone who dares to offer a differing point of view.

New South Wales, Australia

Things may be even worse in NSW if that is possible. This shocking article should bother every single one of us. It involves a friend of mine, Kirralie Smith. It says in part:

An Australian woman was reported to police after making posts on social media about a male who identifies as transgender participating in the women’s football league. Kirralie Smith was visited by New South Wales Police after speaking to media about Riley Dennis, a trans activist who had been the subject of mass complaint last month after reportedly injuring female players.
Police visited Smith on March 30 and handed her an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) requiring that she does not discuss or approach Dennis – despite the fact that Smith lives over 200 miles from Dennis. The AVO acts as an interim order that will stand until a hearing later this month, at which point the court will decide whether it is justified.
Smith, a spokeswoman with an organization established to combat gender ideology, has been a vocal critic regarding gender self-identification in sports. [She tweeted this}: “NSW police have applied for an apprehended violence order against me. I am currently opposing it. I am 51, with a busted knee, & have never been violent in my life. It is not violence to speak the truth.”


Returning to Europe, we have this madness from Scandinavia. A woman’s museum is no more. Now it is a non-binary museum! Women are being erased all over the place. This is madness on steroids:

A museum in Denmark originally built to honor women was renamed to be “inclusive” of all genders and features a nude man “breastfeeding” a baby. Gender Museum Denmark, previously known as The Women’s Museum, has attracted significant attention this week for an exhibit pushing gender ideology. In the museum’s main hall stands an 11-foot-tall statue of a naked man with male features and genitalia who is also depicted as having female breasts. The man is shown holding and “breastfeeding” a baby.
Although originally sculpted in 2021 and met with controversy throughout Denmark, news of the obscene display is now reaching other nations and making its rounds across social media.

This is madness compounded, and simply promotes more falsehoods and propaganda. As one meme rightly puts it:

World population: 8,030,610,062

People born from women: 8,030,610,062

People born from men: 0

Feel free to fact check.

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