For the Remainder of the Week

I have received some requests to spend more time digging into the text and perhaps concentrating on one scriptural text for the day. So for the remainder of the week, I will be drawing a scripture common to the Lectionary and devoting the day to its study and meditation.

There will be nine posts per day on that day’s selected text and will follow the discipline of The Hours. You can read and meditate on one of the posts or study them in sequence with the goal being a firm grasp of the text and its meaning for us and our understanding of God.

I covet your feedback to see if this serves your spiritual walk. I am not abandoning our curated posts but wanted to get sound feedback from you on its value. Try it this week and let me know if this is of value to you or others. Please feel free to share the posts and invite others to follow along.

This may lead to a variation of our Intentional Faith posts. As always, to God be the glory.


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