Before I Sleep…

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you, empowering you to go forth into all the world with the message of His gospel. May His love compel you to reach out to every creature, embracing the diversity of humanity and sharing the good news of salvation.

May you be filled with boldness and confidence, knowing that the power of the Holy Spirit accompanies you as you step out in faith. May you trust in the authority and transformative nature of the gospel, believing that lives can be changed and souls can be saved through the proclamation of Jesus’ name.

May the presence of the Lord be with you, guiding and strengthening you in every moment of your mission. May you experience His companionship, comfort, and assurance as you faithfully carry out His command to make disciples and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

May you walk in unity with fellow believers, recognizing the partnership and synergy that comes from serving together in the Kingdom of God. May you support one another, encourage one another, and be a source of inspiration to those around you.

Finally, may you be filled with hope, knowing that the work you do in obedience to the Great Commission has eternal significance. May you rest in the promise that the Lord is faithful to confirm His Word through signs and wonders, bringing forth His kingdom in the lives of those who believe.

In the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

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