Before I Sleep…

Heavenly Father,

As we prepare to rest and find solace in the stillness of the night, we come before You with hearts full of gratitude and reverence. We acknowledge what You are doing, as explained in Hebrews 9:24, and the profound significance of Christ’s entry into the heavenly sanctuary on our behalf.

Lord, we recognize that Your holiness surpasses all earthly understanding. You dwell in the perfection of heaven, and yet You chose to bridge the gap between Your holiness and our fallen humanity. Through Jesus Christ, our great high priest, You have provided a way for us to approach You, to find forgiveness, and to be reconciled to You.

Tonight, we ask for Your help in showing deep reverence for this extraordinary act of love and mercy. May we truly grasp the weight of Christ’s sacrifice and the privilege we have to enter Your presence through Him. Instill within us a sense of awe and wonder as we contemplate the magnitude of Your grace.

Furthermore, Lord, we seek Your guidance in how we should now act toward the world in light of this truth. Help us, O God, to reflect Your character and love in all that we do. Teach us to extend grace and mercy to those around us, just as You have shown to us through Christ. May our words and actions align with the beauty of the gospel, drawing others closer to Your heart.

In the quietness of this night, speak to us, Lord. Open our hearts to understand how we can be vessels of Your light and love in a world that so desperately needs it. Grant us wisdom and discernment to navigate the challenges and complexities of our time, that we may be agents of healing, reconciliation, and hope.

As we surrender our concerns, worries, and burdens into Your loving care, we trust that You are at work, both in our lives and in the world. We find comfort and rest in knowing that Christ, our mediator, intercedes on our behalf. Fill us with Your peace, Lord, and grant us restful sleep, that we may awake rejuvenated and ready to live out our faith.

We offer this prayer in humble adoration, knowing that Your ways are higher than our ways, and Your thoughts are beyond our comprehension. May Your will be done, both in heaven and on earth.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Advocate, we pray.


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