Lucky You

"In the land of Us there lived a man whose name is Job."  Job 1:1

Lucky you.  It’s snowing and going to get worse and I am doing my meditations out of Job.  So it looks like a double whammy for you.  I hope one can help the other.  Keep Sam Hotchkiss in your prayers.  His Parkinson’s is taking it’s toll.  I’m not sure how much longer he can fight.   Rock is doing great considering what he has been through.  Hopefully home by the first of next week.  God is good.

I read some news releases on the economy and especially retirement for we boomers.  So now I am looking to Job.  (ha)  But few Bible characters provide a better example of how to live than Job.  He successfully managed his family, spiritual life and career.  Realizing how little control he had over his life, he simply tried to do it right today and let tomorrow take care of itself.  Not bad wisdom for us right now.

He also did some deep soul searching.  He discovered that circumstances can change regardless of your piety.  What he learned was that we weren’t meant to live this life alone.  We need each other, especially those who are going down the same road.  Only such a person can provide that iron-on-iron interaction spoken about in Proverbs 27:17.  It we want to deal effectively with our lives we need both truth and accountability. 

Sometimes we ignore the truth and don’t want to be accountable.  We are only hiding our heads in the sand.  You reap what you sow and sometimes you reap what your country, leaders and corporations sow.  With so much out of our control, it is helpful to have someone in the same boat.

So the next time you commensurate with your friends, remember to also hold each other accountable.  Accepting bad news is just the beginning.  Dealing with it takes friends.  Ask Job!

Check back.  I will update any church changes.


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