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Isaiah 26:1 On that day they will sing this song in the land of Judah.

On this day, you can sing even if you don’t like your voice. Your pen can hum as you scribble, doodle, and add musical notes in the margins of your prayer book or your journal. Just as Isaiah’s readers celebrated and praised God’s accomplishments, you can draw an asterisk, underline, or highlight as a way of praying. Maybe a phrase warrants colored pens to augment your reflections.

Today Isaiah mentions a strong city. Maybe you will outline a skyline as you meditate on that. Later, you may look back and remember why this or a different thought stood out for you. Let writing implements participate in prayer. In days to come, you can flip to noted pages when you want to repeat or deepen a prayer. Let yourself create.

How will I appreciate the personal growth I have made when I eventually look back and reflect on what I thought important in the past?

God, help me to celebrate you by allowing myself to freely write my emotions. Open my heart and mind so that I have the courage to explore and express my personal reflections.

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