In the Footsteps of Jesus

Mark 6:53-56 (also in Matthew 14:34-36)

When they arrived at Gennesaret on the other side of the lake, they moored the boat and climbed out. The people standing around there recognized him at once, and ran throughout the whole area to spread the news of his arrival, and began carrying sick folks to him on mats and stretchers. Wherever he went—in villages and cities, and out on the farms—they laid the sick in the market plazas and streets, and begged him to let them at least touch the fringes of his clothes; and as many as touched him were healed.

Gennesaret was a small fertile plain located on the west side of the Sea of Galilee. Capernaum, Jesus’ home, sat at the northern edge of this plain.

The Great Healer

The people recognized Jesus as a great healer, but how many understood who he truly was? They came to Jesus for physical healing, but did they come for spiritual healing? They came to prolong their lives on earth, but did they come to secure their eternal lives?

People may seek Jesus to learn valuable lessons from his life or in hopes of finding relief from pain. But we miss Jesus’ whole message if we seek him only to heal our bodies but not our souls; if we look to him for help only in this life, rather than for his eternal plan for us. Only when we understand the real Jesus Christ can we appreciate how he can truly change our lives.

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