Lord, Make Me Desperate

“Why sit we here until we die?” 2 Kings 7:3

These lepers at the gate of Samaria had come to a desperate pass: so they reasoned, “Let us make a reckless move and go down to the camp of the Syrians; they can not do more than kill us and we are going to die anyway!” (7:4).

God’s greatest blessings seem to be reached in crises of desperation.

Zacchaeus does the irregular thing and climbs a tree; the woman with the incurable disease, left to die by doctors, elbows through the crowd to reach Jesus; the roof is torn up to get a sick man before the Savior; the Syrophoenician stakes all on a bold venture and will not take “no” for an answer.

Many people saw the Lord when Zacchaeus climbed the tree but only Zacchaeus had the Lord as his guest. The sick woman was only “among those present” until she exercised faith; then our Lord made her stand out from the crowd. Such daring and desperate souls always touched his heart. They still do.

I can but perish if I go;I am resolved to try;For if I stay away I know I must forever die.

May God make you desperate!

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One thought on “Lord, Make Me Desperate

  1. Desperation is the key to seeing Him. Love is the spring from which desire flows. In finding the ONE pearl we abandon all others.


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