Abandon Your Ministry Goals

His contagious Christian influence as missionary, pastor, and college president touched thousands of lives, and his writings on the Victorious Christian Life moved millions more. V. Raymond Edman left a mark behind him—circled, underlined, and highlighted.

Early in his career, Edman nearly died of tropical disease while a missionary in Ecuador. Seeking to regain his strength, he took a Pacific voyage in 1928 aboard a Dutch freighter, the Boskoop. He missed his work terribly, and even though his weakness made it hard to leave his stateroom, he labored intently over the lectures he hoped to give at his Ecuadorian Bible institute.

As he outlined the book of 2 Corinthians, he reached chapter 2, and read the words, “Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ. …” He was staggered. He read the words several times, slowly, prayerfully, phrase-by-phrase.

He suddenly sensed a great contrast between that verse and his condition. Here he was, broken health, unsure future, anxious about his missionary service, not far from death’s door. Yet to Paul, life was ongoing, unbroken triumph! Edman walked to the deck and began praying for a triumphant spirit. Quickly and quietly, the Lord seemed to whisper in his ear, “But are you willing to go anywhere for me?”

Slowly, with trembling heart, Edman replied, “Yes, Lord, anywhere in Ecuador Thou mayst send me.”

“I did not say in Ecuador.”

For a long time, Edman gazed across the Pacific, conscious that the Lord was standing beside him, awaiting an answer. Finally in deepest sincerity, Edman replied, “Yes, Lord, anywhere Thou sayest I will go, only that my life may be always a constant pageant of triumph in Thee.” He stood there for a very long time, thinking of the testimony of George Mueller, who once told of the moment when he died to self, to ambition, to the praise or blame of men, only that he might live in Christ. Now he, too, had abandoned all—even his ministry goals—for the sake of Christ.

From that day, God began to use V. Raymond Edman in an unprecedented way.

Robert J. Morgan

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