As Per Your Request

You have been asking for a means to search/study our over 25,000 articles amassed over these past years. We have now included a Search page for that function. You also asked to be able to ask questions and forward comments. We have supplied that information as well on our Contact page.

While we are grateful to our subscribers, we do not monetize this site and seek only to build up the Kingdom of God. We are especially excited about providing a texting service for spiritual disciplines in our About page. Those who sign up will receive two daily ‘nudges’ to think of God, His work and your spiritual walk. We have been honored to hear from those using this ministry of how these ‘nudges’ came to them at just the right time.

As always, try these new additions and see how they serve your walk and His Kingdom. If you find it a blessing, please share it with others. There will never be charge, fee asked or membership required. Like His grace, this is free to all who will receive.

His Blessings,


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