How the Fire Burns

Study most of the pastoral pictures for Christmas and you’re sure to find a fireplace somewhere. The idea of warm amid the cold is appealing when we think how Christmas offers us the same in a world that is desperately cold and dispassionate.

If you have tended the fire at your home or away, you know the work that is required to keep the fires going. But the reward is amazing. Family gathers around the fire and the children gaze at the flames. It is almost entrancing.

I must confess that I have an artificial firebox that simulates the flames and I have been known to turn on my television to one of those fireplaces that burn while the music plays.

It is then that I remember the words of our Father who said, “Is not my word like fire.” (Jeremiah 23:29) My grandson mentioned just yesterday that he is looking forward to Christmas morning. I assumed for the gifts but he went on to say how he enjoyed the reading of the Christmas story from the Bible.

Take the time this Christmas to throw another log on the fire when the family is altogether. Read one more time how the God of all creation came down to be like us. Warm your heart around the story that never grows cold. “Unto to us a child is born.”


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