When You Realize They Forgot You

When I was a boy, I remember Christmas at my grandmothers. It was a noisy and joyous affair with food and gifts. We would all gather round while moma (our name for her) would pass out each present. I was still amazed how she always founds something special for each child.

Then I remember the Christmas when all the gifts were distributed to the children and I had none. I waited while even the adults opened their gifts and it was an aunt who noticed my lack of a gift. What seemed impossible, had occurred. I was forgotten.

All these years later, I still remember the sting of that feeling of being overlooked. Being a part of one sad accident. When I do, I know think of all those people who will go unnoticed this Christmas. I’m not talking about gift but about presence.

They go to work and no one takes note of their work or effort. They are that child that falls back into the shadows for fear of being seen. They are the widow and widower who will spend their Christmas alone. And I grieve for them.

Moma owned a little country store and took me over to it to remedy my being forgotten. I still remember her words and she stood me before the toys. “Pick anything you want. Anything.” I can still tell you the color and make of that model car.

This Christmas, take the time while going about to watch for the overlooked person. Take time to remember that soul that will be forgotten. And give them something that they long for more than anything else: your attention. See them. Love them. They will never forget.


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