When You Just Can’t Stay

You know marriage is sacred. You committed before friends, family, and God to love your partner “for as long as you both shall live.” But the violence has gotten worse. What started as an occasional angry outburst has become pushing, hitting, and other scary encounters.  You may feel ashamed, sad, angry, or a whole mixContinue reading “When You Just Can’t Stay”

What Makes a Man…or a Woman?

When it comes to understanding what it means to be a man or a woman, we live in a confused and confusing time. Distinctions that were obvious to previous generations are no longer so clear. The reasons for this confusion are complex, and addressing the question requires not only wisdom but also courage. When facedContinue reading “What Makes a Man…or a Woman?”

COVID and Cohabitation

One in five cohabiting mums (22%) said their relationship with their partner got worse during the coronavirus lockdown, according to a major new study.  Overall, one in five couples said their relationship had improved during lockdown as they were forced to spend more time together, but the study of 2,559 parents revealed significant variations, withContinue reading “COVID and Cohabitation”

The Back-to-School Supplies Parents Really Need

In the pandemic journal I’ve been keeping, it’s easy to trace the waves I’ve been riding: waves of optimism and loneliness, waves of resolution and resignation. Uncertainty is universal, especially as students look to the new academic year. To stare past September is to try seeing through fog.  Families face acute anxieties, especially working parents whoContinue reading “The Back-to-School Supplies Parents Really Need”

Long-term Relationships Are No Longer the Norm but They Should Be

Recently I discussed my forty plus years of marriage with a young person. He said he couldn’t imagine being with one person for that length of time. It caused me to think about the impact that television and the media is having on young people. No longer are long-term relationships modelled as the norm. Instead,Continue reading “Long-term Relationships Are No Longer the Norm but They Should Be”

How God Can Use Even Devastating Divorce for Good

The title seems like an oxymoron. After all, Scripture makes it clear that God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16). How can God take something so gut-wrenching and wounding as divorce and bring about redemption? Or, in a similar manner, separation can tear entire families apart long before a divorce ever takes place. Christians may wonder whereContinue reading “How God Can Use Even Devastating Divorce for Good”