Finding Love Is Dreaming Bigger Than a ‘Soulmate’

Too many people approach dating with the idea that it’s all about finding “the one.” That there is this one person out there who is right for you and finding them is the entire point of the plot. Once you find that person, you’re done. You’ve won. Because this person is perfect. Not truly perfectContinue reading “Finding Love Is Dreaming Bigger Than a ‘Soulmate’”

We Need Simpler Weddings and Cheaper

Simpler and cheaper weddings could encourage more people to marry, a think tank has said. Research by the Marriage Foundation found that the marriage gap between rich and poor has doubled in the last 30 years, with the proportion of parents to newborn babies falling from over two thirds (68%) in 1988 to a thirdContinue reading “We Need Simpler Weddings and Cheaper”

This One Won’t Go Down Well

I’m a pastor wondering what should be the course of action when a Christian knowingly marries an unbeliever. The believer was forewarned and went ahead with the union anyway. Now the marriage has been formalized. So how should we, the church, now respond?” To answer this, let’s clarify how many layers of sinfulness there areContinue reading “This One Won’t Go Down Well”

The Rightful Risks of Motherhood

As we remember eternity and embrace death for Christ as gain, then our lives will change. One change I predict is that we will stop helicopter mothering ourselves and the people around us. To helicopter mother is to hover over others with the intent of controlling them and/or the circumstances surrounding them. You’ve probably heardContinue reading “The Rightful Risks of Motherhood”