Does God Expect Us to Have Children?

It’s really not a matter of whether God “expects” us to have children, since He is sovereign and omniscient and knows who will and who won’t have children. The question is really one of whether or not having children is a requirement for Christians and whether or not we can have a fulfilled, obedient lifeContinue reading “Does God Expect Us to Have Children?”

The Deconstruction of the Family

For decades now the radicals on the left have told us of their hatred of the traditional family, and they have done all they can to see it destroyed. Things like easy no-fault divorce, the rise of the porn culture, androgyny, radical feminism, the homosexual and trans agendas, and the sexual revolution have all beenContinue reading “The Deconstruction of the Family”

The Toughest Job You Will Ever Have

Parenting is a weighty responsibility. Soon after the initial joys of being a parent set it, we are met with this truth. This most adorable little person is entirely dependent upon me for nearly everything. The burdens are myriad: physical, emotional, financial, educational, etc. But it’s the spiritual burden that rises above the others. AsContinue reading “The Toughest Job You Will Ever Have”

Ladies, What Submission Is Not!

The Lord is raising up a veritable army of holy women holding men accountable for abuse in the home, church, and society. Women such as Rachel Denhollander, Jennifer Greenberg, Diane Langberg, Naghmeh Panahi, and Julie Roys are telling their stories and/or those of others. In the process, they are shining light on leaders who areContinue reading “Ladies, What Submission Is Not!”

Why Is God Concerned About My Sex Life?

Likely for all of biblical and Christian history, people have disagreed with and/or disobeyed the Bible’s restrictions on sex. Essentially people are asking, “Why does it matter? Why is sex such a big deal? Doesn’t God have more important things with which to concern Himself than my sex life?” Some people also complain that ChristiansContinue reading “Why Is God Concerned About My Sex Life?”

Quit Trying to Win Arguments with Your Wife

I’ve already changed the title of this article once. (Share this with your husband) It was originally “The Stupidest Thing I Did in 44 Years of Marriage.” Then I started thinking of so many dumb things I have done in my married life. I couldn’t be certain which one of the 537 acts of stupidityContinue reading “Quit Trying to Win Arguments with Your Wife”

Convictions Is Not Compromise

So, Christian single, you want to be married. Maybe you’re inching toward 30 (or even 40) and you just don’t seem to have any viable marriage prospects. Will it be impossible to find what you’re looking for in a spouse? Should you just “settle” for the next eligible person who comes along? Scott Croft providesContinue reading “Convictions Is Not Compromise”