Parent Advice You Don’t Normally Hear

Now that my sons are in their thirties, mostly well-adjusted, and pursuing their life callings, I’ve had the chance to rethink my parenting philosophy. Although I have limited data points, as my oldest with his political science PhD would be quick to remind me, I have developed three unconventional parenting axioms that I now swearContinue reading “Parent Advice You Don’t Normally Hear”

The Great Challenge of Marriage Is Not To Fix One Another

We’ve all heard that marriage was designed to make us holy more than to make us happy. And though it’s a bit of a trite phrase that threatens to force a false dichotomy between holiness and happiness, there is a measure of truth to it. At its best, marriage does, indeed, help us grow inContinue reading “The Great Challenge of Marriage Is Not To Fix One Another”

Does God Expect Us to Have Children?

It’s really not a matter of whether God “expects” us to have children, since He is sovereign and omniscient and knows who will and who won’t have children. The question is really one of whether or not having children is a requirement for Christians and whether or not we can have a fulfilled, obedient lifeContinue reading “Does God Expect Us to Have Children?”

The Deconstruction of the Family

For decades now the radicals on the left have told us of their hatred of the traditional family, and they have done all they can to see it destroyed. Things like easy no-fault divorce, the rise of the porn culture, androgyny, radical feminism, the homosexual and trans agendas, and the sexual revolution have all beenContinue reading “The Deconstruction of the Family”