5 Warning Signs That You’re Married to a Narcissist

When I married in early 2001, I had never heard the word narcissist. We barely had the internet to search and learn online. I had no idea what narcissism or narcissistic personality disorder was. That seems to be the case for many who’ve been married longer than fifteen, twenty years, as it’s just recently becomeContinue reading “5 Warning Signs That You’re Married to a Narcissist”

7 Prayers that Changed My Heart for My Husband

I’ve known my husband thirty-three years. We dated on and off four of those years, starting my sophomore year of high school and going into college. We were engaged less than a year. We’ve been married for over twenty-eight. Add in three kids, a zoo of pets, a few major moves, and a son who’sContinue reading “7 Prayers that Changed My Heart for My Husband”

Are gay relationships typically stable and monogamous?

A [NFSS] study found that the children who were raised by a gay or lesbian parent as little as 15 years ago were usually conceived within a heterosexual marriage, which then underwent divorce or separation, leaving the child with a single parent. That parent then had at least one same-sex romantic relationship, sometimes outside ofContinue reading “Are gay relationships typically stable and monogamous?”