When Should a Married Couple Separate?

It is never a good idea for a married couple to separate, with one exception. Based on my experience working with thousands of couples through MarriageHelper.com, I see only one valid reason for a married couple to separate. If a person puts others in the family in danger, separation must occur. At that point, separationContinue reading “When Should a Married Couple Separate?”

My Spouse Is Getting Worse

Dear Roger, I’m a very worried Christian wife. My husband has completely changed over the last several months. He is constantly surfing the internet and delivering angry “the sky is falling” messages to me and our adult children. He claims he is only the “watchman on the wall” and that he has to deliver hisContinue reading “My Spouse Is Getting Worse”

Finding Love Is Dreaming Bigger Than a ‘Soulmate’

Too many people approach dating with the idea that it’s all about finding “the one.” That there is this one person out there who is right for you and finding them is the entire point of the plot. Once you find that person, you’re done. You’ve won. Because this person is perfect. Not truly perfectContinue reading “Finding Love Is Dreaming Bigger Than a ‘Soulmate’”