Are You Responsible for Your Husband’s Happiness?

As a newlywed, I was a bit obsessed with keeping my husband happy. To the point that I often denied my own feelings. Husband: “Are you okay?’ Me: “I’m fine.” Husband: “Anything wrong?” Me: “Nope, all is good.” Meanwhile, inside, I would be struggling with anger or hurt. My motto which I adopted when IContinue reading “Are You Responsible for Your Husband’s Happiness?”

Marriage Isn’t Rehab

So often, Christians overwhelmed by sexual sin are practically shoved down the aisle by their church communities. Pastors may tell couples that once they’re bound within a biblically legitimate marriage relationship, sexual activity has Scripture’s seal of approval, and they can work together on whatever besetting sexual sins they bring to their union. But asContinue reading “Marriage Isn’t Rehab”