Moving On

It’s the time of year for family vacations. On vacations together with our daughters, I’ve learned that most of the time, the journey to our destination is what we often remember. “Remember when…?” Sometimes those same experiences cause some friction and disagreements along the way. (Often preceded by the question, “Where do we want to eat?”)

Jesus is journeying with the disciples. The text tells us that he was committed to getting to Jerusalem. The disciples didn’t understand his resolve or the real purpose of this journey the way Jesus did. In the last couple of verses the disciples get very angry that things weren’t going the way they expected. Yet, Jesus just moved on.

How is your faith journey going this summer? Is it what you expected? There are plenty of reasons for our faith journeys to be difficult and not what we expect. Yet, following Jesus’ example, we must keep walking. Even in our faith journey, it’s the process of getting there and not the destination that matters most.

Dale Tadlock

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