Was It Worth It?

I have come to a decision. It just is not worth it to post about politics.

And I believe that when you post something to defend your favorite politician or to mock the other side I believe you are potentially wasting a future opportunity to preach the Gospel.

I have some caveats of course. I think that it is important for pastors to inform their congregations on all matters including politics. I think that blogs and biblical sermons are important and that especially this year pastors needed to step up and help their congregations think biblically. But what I am talking about is our social media page or bbq’s with neighbors.

Mocking Biden for having mental issues.

Laughing at Kamala Harris’ laugh.

Exposing the hypocrisy of the left.

All these things are all over Christian’s feeds. Some of it is funny. There is a lot to agree with, or to be concerned by. Some of it is tempting to share and like.

I just wonder if it is all worth it.

In 2 Corinthians 5:16 Paul says that he strives not to regard anyone according to the flesh. In other words, he sees souls. He sees people who will spend eternity in one of two places, Heaven and Hell.

I wonder if we consider the fact that what we post online will be seen by souls. Hell bound souls.

Yes in our anger we are tempted to become social justice warriors and post comments and videos with the hope of making America a better place to live in, but I wonder if something like that will actually accomplish what we are hoping or if we are shooting ourselves in the foot in the long term.

These souls will, wrongly, most likely because of false media, think that you are a racist and homophobic. They will dismiss you entirely. They will not be willing to listen to you and allow you to explain. It is not worth it to lose a relationship over politics. It is however eternally worth it to lose a relationship over the Gospel!

Sadly, I feel like many people are totally comfortable losing a relationship over whether mail in ballots should be allowed, but not over whether Christ’s death on the cross was sufficient. So many people are unwilling to inform their friends that they are hell-bound but are totally willing to inform them that they are supporting socialism.

Social media is such an opportunity for the Gospel that sadly I think we squander a lot of the time.

Obviously, God can use even conversations about politics. Many people here in Italy have been fascinated by this election. Many have asked my thoughts on what has been going on. All of these have been opportunities to explain the Gospel to people in a country where most live their whole lives without ever meeting a Christian, let alone getting to hear the Gospel.

I’ve been bothered with many pastors and influential Christians who have used social media to unfairly criticize Trump and to propagate critical race theory and social justice. Only God knows why they have done so and whether they have lost sight of the Gospel. But I wonder if many of those on the other side of the isle have also fallen for the same trap and have also become social justice warriors for the opposite side.

There have been so many opportunities to post things about politics in the last few weeks, and I’m sure there will be plenty more. But I ask you this question.

There are many things that the world around you is irrational about. There are many hypocrisies all around us. Which ones are worth speaking out about?

I believe that the greatest hypocrisy is the belief that a human can make himself righteous.

It is irrational to believe that Trump deserves hell more than Hitler, Biden or even me for that matter. But it is interminably more irrational to believe that you can withstand the wrath of God on judgment day.

And all your unbelieving friends on Facebook, twitter or across the street from you, though they might be hypocritical about politics are infinitely more hypocritical about their spiritual condition. And if you are going to ruin a relationship with them it better be because of your pleading with them to repent rather than pleading with them to become Republican or Democrat.

If we choose the former we will be rewarded in Heaven, if we choose the latter we will have to answer to God one day.

Jordan Standridge

Published by Intentional Faith

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One thought on “Was It Worth It?

  1. Jordan,

    I come at this from a different perspective (as you will see if you decide to scroll through my page), but I do respect your take on this.

    I also really liked this sentence: “I believe that the greatest hypocrisy is the belief that a human can make himself righteous.”

    This is the essence of the cross. As Christians, we shouldn’t forget ultimate aims. Christ is the ultimate aim of us all. Politics is just temporal.

    Where I disagree is that Christians should focus on politics. Christians should run for office. Christians should make a difference in their communities. They shouldn’t be decisive or mean spirited though. I haven’t been on Facebook in a few months (deactivated, with an occasional check in maybe three times in the last few months), but I can imagine some Christians saying nasty things about Biden’s mental acuity or Harris’s voice.

    As Christians, we shouldn’t be engaging in petty vitriol. Arguments and ideas should be the things we speak out against, not mental or physical characteristics that have nothing to do with a person’s moral standing.


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